Steel frames from BOS Best Of Steel

Steel frames

Steel frames have a variety of technical and design tasks: they accommodate the door leaf and the fittings and provide a connection to the wall. At the same time they serve as a visually appealing cover of the wall opening.

The frame convinces through its quality and functionality as a design component. The diversity of steel frames in modern, unusual or even purist design gives each building and every room its own, exclusive touch.

A steel frame is a frame which provides a connection between the wall and the door. Steel frames are made to exactly fit the wall opening and door and are delivered either in one part or as two part split frames for installation together with the wall or in finished walls.

The character of a room is shaped through the entrance area – steel frames are an indispensable part of modern interior design. The design of the door and frame should therefore correspond to the architectural ensemble of the building as well as the respective use of the rooms.