Steel frames from BOS Best Of Steel

Steel frames from Best Of Steel

Door frames have diverse technical and aesthetic tasks: they accomodate the door leaf and fittings and provide a connection to the wall. At the same time they make sure the wall opening is covered in a visually appealing way. The character of a room is established at the entrance area - door frames in steel are an indispensable part of modern interior design.

Design oriented steel frames from BOS Best Of Steel stand out because of their clear lines matching the interior. The technology is integrated, becoming part of the architecture.

The product range of BOS Best Of Steel: 

  • DIN standard steel frames
  • Steel frames for active leaf doors
  • Steel frames for sliding doors
  • Steel frames for windows

The advantages of steel frames:

  • Steel frames are robust
  • Steel frames are aesthetic
  • Steel frames are diverse in their style
  • Steel frames can be used in many ways