Soffit frames

BOS soffit frames are designed so that the door opens into the soffit.

Fields of application:

Soffit frames

With the soffit frame the door opens in the direction of the reveal. A decisive advantage in barrier-free door planning: A central positioning of the door leaf in a larger wall reveal is possible, as the gripping depth of a door handle may not be more than 260mm for wheelchair users.

Recommendation: Use of an integrated door closer with opening limiter to avoid possible damage to the frame or wall.

  • Technical details
    • Design: 1 part | 2 part split
    • Material: galvanized steel sheet | stainless steel
    • Surface: primed | powder coated
    • Available for glass and timber doors
  • Optional features
    • 3D hinge pockets
    • Concealed hinges
    • Stainless steel striking plate Protect
    • Stainless steel striking plate Protect & Clean
    • Further provisions and attachments possible
Available for
Brick walls
Stud walls