SafetyDesign frames

Finger protection frames for the highest safety requirements with attractive appearance

Fields of application:

SafetyDesign steel frames with protection against finger trapping

We combine safety and design

Operators of kindergartens, day-care centres, schools and hospitals place the highest demands on the safety of their clientele. Our finger protection frames meet these requirements and offer an attractive appearance in addition to the safety aspect.

What sets the finger protection frame apart from the standard frame?

The finger protection frame has a rounded shape and integrated friction bearing hinges. Sufficiently large edge radii minimize the risk of injury, for example when children are playing and romping around. When opening and closing, the door leaf rotates at a uniform, minimum distance around the frame architrave. With this design, cutting and crushing of fingers is avoided. The raised seal provides additional safety in the rebate area.

Technical details and installation options for safety frames

Our frames with finger protection are suitable for flush closing doors in stud and brick walls:

  • Round architrave frame 'RzUsd', a 1 part frame for either stud or brick walls
  • Round architrave frame 'Rb4r15ZBsd', a 2 part split design for almost all wall types

The finger protection frames are also available for two leaf doors as an option. Frames for wooden door leaves as well as further provisions and attachments are available on request. We manufacture the door frames from galvanized sheet steel. The frame surface is primed or powder coated. To protect the surface in the area of the lock, a stainless steel striking plate is included in the delivery.

We produce our non-standard frames according to customer specifications, without a minimum order quantity. The measurements and designs of the products depend on the individual conditions on site.

  • Technical details
    • Design: 1 part | 2 part split
    • Material: galvanized steel sheet | stainless steel
    • Surface: primed | powder coated
    • Available for timber doors
Available for
Brick walls
Stud walls