Blind rebate frames

For compensating the rebate width to provide a uniform appearance on the front and back of the frame

Fields of application:

Blind rebate frames

Blind rebate frames represent an ideal mix of functionality and design. The symmetrical profile shape uses a blind rebate to compensate for the rebate width, so that the frame architrave remains the same width on all sides of the door element. The frame retains the same overall measurements and visible widths, in a similar way to a wooden block frame, so that a uniform appearance can be reliably planned independent of the opening direction.

For a simple and clean installation, we also offer this frame as a 2 part split version with the proven levelling anchors.

  • Technical details
    • Design: 1 part | 2 part split
    • Material: galvanized steel sheet | stainless steel
    • Surface: primed | powder coated
    • Available for glass and timber doors
Available for
Brick walls
Stud walls