Unassembled, frameless sliding door case

Fields of application:


LineaSet is an unassembled sliding door case for doors running in the wall and can be universally used in combination with timber, aluminium and steel frames. In order to achieve an unobtrusive appearance, the passage way can have a frameless design with plasterboard cladding.

An optional steel inspection cover allows the door leaf to be installed and removed at any time, without damaging the plasterboard wall. The overhead tracks of the LineaSet are accessible, so that the position of the rail stop can be changed later.

It is possible to install an automatic operator or a different overhead track for a heavier door leaf (sliding door fitting ALU 100 BOS up to 100kg door leaf weight).

  • Technical details
    • Design: unassembled
    • Material: galvanized steel sheet
    • Available for glass and timber doors
    • With accessible overhead track
  • Optional features
    • Steel inspection cover: contrary to the usual plaster cover, the door can be installed and removed at any time without damaging the wall
    • Gypsum cladding for the soffit and lintel
    • Door buffer/closure cushioning Softslide
    • Push-to-close T-Master
    • Basis anchor for inexpensive fixing to the unfinished floor to give the necessary stability for installation before screeding
    • Telescopic anchor for increased stability for installation before screeding
    • PlankoFix for easy, central positioning of the 75mm deep sliding door case on a 100mm UA profile
Available for
Stud walls
Brick walls