Steel frames for hotels

With the wish for a feeling of spaciousness and many other specific requirements

Steel frames for hotels

Design, function and economy – we offer solutions for the hotel sector

A hotel is a temporary home and has to combine different interests and requirements:

  • Guests expect aesthetics and a comfortable atmosphere.
  • The operators prefer functional and economic aspects.
  • The law requires compliance with safety regulations.

What applies to a hotel as a whole is continued in its structural elements. Our frame solutions fulfil the safety and economic requirements and combine all interests under one roof.

Our recommendation for the new construction and renovation of hotels:

The product range LineaCompact makes a quick and easy installation possible

LineaCompact sliding door frames are designed for installation together with the wall. We supply these frames completely pre-assembled in a modular design with integrated entry case. The product is available in single and two leaf versions for brick and stud walls.

LineaCompact frames are one piece and made of galvanized sheet steel with a primed or powder coated surface. They are alternatively available in stainless steel. We supply this product for glass and wooden doors.

When it comes to fittings, the following options are available:

LineaCompact-D is our sealed closing version for wooden door leaves. A four-sided circumferential seal minimizes the passage of draughts, noise and odours. We manufacture the frames from galvanized steel sheet with a primed, alternatively powder coated surface. An additional potential equalization is available as an option.

LineaCompact-E features a DORMA CS 80 Magneo automatic operator and is suitable for glass and wooden door leaves. Motion sensors, active infra-red light curtains and surface switches are optional extras.

For walls with components subject to heavy loads (handles, handrails etc.), we recommend LineaCompact-S. This sliding door frame has reinforced entry case profiles and can be used with glass and wooden door leaves. On request we can complete the frame with a Push-to-close T-Master, a Softslide closure cushioning and a circular dead bolt lock or hook latch lock.

Sino frames provide a distinctive appearance

Due to their deliberately narrow, graceful-looking frame architrave Sino frames appear unobtrusive and elegant.

An optional feature which we are happy to offer you is a stainless steel striking plate, in the designs Protect or Protect & Clean.

Shadow groove frames are convincing in modern environments

For a harmonious style concept in design-oriented rooms, we advise our customers to use frames with a shadow groove. The transition from frame to wall is flush with the surface in these frames.

We supply one part shadow groove frames in various designs: Corner frames, wrap around frames and wrap around frames with a block profile.

Choose the optional accessories which suit you the best:

Duplex frames combine progress and economy

Innovative Duplex frames make it possible to serve several rooms with one door element. The door closes in this case in two directions. These frames are used to separate the bathroom and WC areas for example.

The two part split Duplex frames are suitable for mounting wooden door leaves. They are made of galvanized sheet steel with a primed or powder coated finish. In addition, the following optional stainless steel striking plate is available: Protect.