Steel frames for brick walls

Steel frames for brick walls

An enclosed room made of solid concrete or brick walls provides protection and safety. So that the entrances and exits can also uphold this reassuring demand, we have raised steel frames to a new level. Find out all about the quality frames from BOS Best Of Steel for brick walls.

High-strength but filigree steel frames for the discerning client: That is our mission. No matter whether you want to design a private house, a public building or a company, with steel frames from BOS you are always perfectly equipped. Steel frames are suitable for almost every building material: Brickwork, concrete, dry construction or wood can be easily combined with our steel frames. With a thickness of 1.5mm and a hot-dip galvanized top layer, BOS steel frames can withstand all forces.

Our modern powder coating plant is at your disposal for the design of your steel frames. In addition to all RAL colours, we can also mix any colour according to your wishes.

Take advantage of our consulting service for frames, door leaves and additional equipment. We supply you with high-end and quality door technology.

Steel frames for active leaf doors

Optimal use of light thanks to element frames for brick walls

We let light into the building. With our high-strength element frames, you can optimally combine protection, safety, transparency and lighting. Even though our steel frames look filigree: 1.5mm of steel can carry a lot. Panes of single glass, multiple glass or even fire-resistant glass are not an issue for our construction elements.

Get the best of three worlds: Safety, aesthetics and light throughout the building.

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Steel frames for sliding doors

Load bearing, filigree and safe: Sliding door frames for brick walls

Sliding doors convince with their comfort and large room openings. Technically, however, they are very sophisticated: The large door leaf can only be installed suspended. The size and material make a sliding door considerably heavier than an active leaf door made of wood or plastic. A correspondingly solid and stable mounting construction is thus indispensable. Our sliding door frames made of steel can even cope with the most demanding sliding door leaves. The best thing about it: Even if you prefer heavy doors made of glass or metal, the integrated mechanics and statics are prepared for it. Should you want even more, we are also there for you: Motor-assisted closing mechanisms, which can be upgraded with sensors and wireless operation, make your sliding door a highlight for protection, safety and accessibility.

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Best Of Steel – Steel frame specialists for brick walls

BOS Best Of Steel is a medium-sized company which belongs to the JELD-WEN group. We have been manufacturing steel frames and more in Emsdetten in North-Westphalia since 1967. Our over 50 years of experience have made us real experts in frame and door technology. We manufacture products you can rely on: Durable, with fire protection and outstanding design. Our speciality is to combine these protective properties with a filigree appearance. With a steel frame from BOS Best Of Steel, you have kept all design possibilities intact. Filigree on the outside, strong and permanently connected to the brick wall on the inside. You can expect this from any steel frame from our company.