Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling

BIM is a method for optimizing the planning, execution and operation of buildings. The basis is a 3D computer model, which is used by the different project partners. This creates informative virtual models which can be used and coordinated throughout the project, facilitating project control as well as cooperation in the planning, building and operating phases.

BIM is already internationally established as a standard method for project management. It is also already the standard for internationally active companies in Germany. At the latest when all builders and investors demand BIM, all project participants will have to meet these new requirements.

The potential

BIM offers numerous advantages for planning, execution and operation:

  • Reduction of planning errors
  • Reduction of information loss
  • Reduction of redundant or duplicate work due to lack of communication
  • Early recognition of collisions
  • Better cost control by model-based derivations

BIM models from BOS Best Of Steel

For determining quantity and size, the BOS frame families are differentiated according to DIN left or right door elements. Standard frames can always be used in both directions. Relevant parameters for amendments are available under 'Characteristics'.

In addition, the BOS frame families contain a variety of technical information. Constructive details can be illustrated at any time in draft, medium or fine detail, according to the degree of detail required. This supports early decision-making and necessary adaptations in the case of change in the planning or building process when, for example, frames have to retrofitted.

Numerous frame models have already been created and published as Revit family (RFA) and as Archicad library (LCF) on the respective product pages under 'Downloads'.

Further models will be coming soon.

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