Steel frames for schools

With demands for heavy use and many other specific requirements

Steel frames for schools

Building elements in public buildings must be able to withstand heavy strain – this is particularly true in schools.  

Door frames in steel offer many solutions when building or renovating schools as they are robust and manifold in design and function.  

BOS steel frames with special attachments meet the high requirements that are demanded in schools.

Note for BOS steel frames (GUV-V S 1):

  • The radius of the fold in BOS steel frames is at least 2.5 mm. The German Accident Prevention Regulations for Schools (§ 11 Section 1) stipulates that the folds, edges and hooks of fixed and moveable furnishings should either be rounded or appropriately bevelled (radius > 2mm).  
  • Up to a height of at least 2.0 m safety glass has to be used for all glazing elements (§7). This must be clearly and easily recognizable (e.g. via stickers, structuring etc.).

The following product solutions are recommended for schools: