Steel frames for child care facilities

With anti-trap protection for little fingers and many other specific requirements

Steel frames for child care facilities

BOS Best Of Steel has developed the SafetyDesign frame with finger protection especially for kindergartens and day care facilities etc.  

The special profile form protects little hands:

  • The round form of the architrave and hinge prevents fingers getting trapped in the hinge side of the door.
  • The pivot point of the door is in the centre of the architrave radius.
  • The door leaf remains the same distance from the frame architrave at all times when moving, preventing fingers from getting trapped.
  • Raised seals offer additional protection in the rebate area  

Note for BOS steel frames:

  • The radius of the fold in BOS steel frames is at least 2.5 mm. The German Guidelines for Kindergartens (GUV-SR S2) stipulate at least 2.0 mm.
  • Up to a height of at least 2.0 m safety glass has to be used for all glazing elements.

The following product solutions are recommended for child care facilites: